Webhelp Hiring WFM Forecasting Specialist | Work From Home

Webhelp Hiring WFM Forecasting Specialist | Work From Home

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Job Description

  • Job Type: Work From Home
  • Job Role: Forecasting Specialist
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience: 1 Year
  • Salary: Rs.28000 Per Month

Job Advert

Ready to shape the future of workforce management? Join us as a Workforce Management (WFM) Forecasting Specialist, where your skills will drive our mission to optimise and foster a thriving work environment.

Join us as a Workforce Management (WFM) Forecasting Specialist and be the visionary behind our strategic impact on workforce scheduling.

In this role, you’ll play a pivotal part in deploying the right people at the right time, ensuring seamless operations and delivering stellar customer experiences. Work in a collaborative environment by closely collaborating with Operations, Recruitment, and Finance teams to align workforce strategies with business objectives, fostering inclusivity and teamwork.

Ready to make a significant impact in workforce management? Apply now and shape the future of our dynamic and growing team.

What you will do in this role

  • Continuous improvement: Lead initiatives to enhance forecast accuracy and overall workforce planning processes, ensuring we stay ahead of emerging trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Accurate Forecasting: Develop and maintain workforce forecasts using historical data, trend analysis and predictive modelling
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with various teams to align workforce strategies with business objectives
  • Proactive Optimisation: Identify trends, challenges, and opportunities to optimize staffing levels and minimise labour costs
  • Insightful Reporting: Create and communicate timely reports on forecast accuracy, performance metrics, and key trends
  • Effective Scheduling: Work closely with the scheduling team to translate forecasts into effective schedules that meet service level requirements

Your qualifications and experience

  • Education and experience: Bachelor’s degree with proven experience in WFM across various verticals, with at least 12 months in forecasting
  • Technical proficiency: Strong understanding of WFM Planning & Delivery principles, proficiency in WFM tools (Teleopti, IEX, Aspect, Blue Pumpkin), scheduling software, advanced Excel skills, familiarity with SQL and Power BI
  • Leadership: Experience as a Tenured Team Lead or currently working as Assistant Manager/Deputy Manager
  • Analytical skills: Proficiency in data analysis, interpretation, and making data-driven scheduling decisions
  • Communication and passion: Excellent communication and presentation skills, with a passion for staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in WFM

What’s in it for you

  • Competitive Package: Enjoy a competitive salary and medical benefits
  • Perks and Rewards: Exclusive shopping vouchers through our rewards app
  • Professional Development: Access to cutting-edge technologies, tools, and opportunities for skill growth
  • Flexibility: Embrace a flexible hybrid work model

Ready to make a significant impact in workforce management? Be part of our growth story, revolutionise workforce forecasting, and contribute to creating a workplace that fosters innovation and excellence. We’re excited to hear from you—let’s shape the future together!

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